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Fake It Till You Make It

Confidence – 5m 24s

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  • Building Self-Esteem

    Having low self-esteem is very common for teens in high school, we both had our insecurities. But as soon as we learned how to build higher self-esteem, our confidence skyrocketed. This video will show you how you can be 100% you without any fear of judgement from others.

  • Self Doubt/Knowing Who You Are

    This is the first step towards true confidence: knowing who you are. In this podcast we will go into detail through personal examples about why it is so important to stop caring about other's opinions in order to overcome self-doubt.

  • Overcoming the Fear of Failure/Rejection

    Failure and rejection are some of the top fears that people have, but they shouldn't be because it's inevitable that they will happen in your life, so why fear them? This video goes into detail on how to look at failure as more of an obstacle of life rather than such a negative thing. It will hel...

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