Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

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Dealing With Stress and Anxiety
  • Stop worrying

  • Managing the Anxious Body

    Anxiety is a huge issue as it is very prevelant in today's age. It is completely okay to have anxiety as most people deal with it at some point in their lives. However, there are a few things that you can do physically to lower your anxiety! This video will teach you step by step how you can acco...

  • Ways to Relieve Stress

    Relieving stress is super important for personal happiness as well as self-sanity. After being in The Life Project for a while now, you will be able to completely understand how to tackle this issue. This video will teach you all the ways to relieve stress, and get back into living that worry-fre...

  • The Anxious Mind: A Feeling Is Just a Feeling

    There are many methods you can do physically to calm your anxiety, but there are also things you can consiously change about how you think to help too! In this video we introduce the mindset: "A feeling is just a feeling."

  • Finding Energy

    Something that we have always struggled with throughout our high school years was getting into an energetic mood. We have figured out the perfect way to snap yourself out of a solemn state, and find the energy you are looking for. This video will explain in detail the ways of putting yourself bac...

  • Working Less and Achieving More

    This is a universally applied rule that will increase your free-time beyond your belief. If you've ever wanted to work less and get more done, we explain how we went from working 7 days a week to 3 days a week while actually getting MORE accomplished.

  • Tricks to Help you Fall Asleep

    Sleeping is important because your body needs it to survive. But what if you can't seem to fall asleep when you need to the most? This was something that we have both struggled with in the past. This video will teach you all you need to know about falling asleep quickly; including tips and tricks...