First Things You MUST Know

First Things You MUST Know

Before we dive too deep, we need to make sure we are all on the same page. There are a few things that need to be known about your life and how The Life Project works in order for you to be successful. Start here to build your foundation.

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First Things You MUST Know
  • Our Story - The Virtuous Cycle

    Ok... why did we make The Life Project, what is it, and how will it change me? All of these questions will be answered through this video. Welcome to the start of your Virtuous Cycle

  • Get The Most Out Of The Life Project - Take Action

    This is the most important thing in The Life Project. Nothing that we teach in the future will have any effect on your life unless you take action. In this video, we teach you how to take action and how to take control over your life and start making changes.

  • How to Form a New Mindset

    In order to change your life you need to have the right mindset to do so. If you aren't positive and ready for a change like this, nothing will happen. This video will teach you how to control your thoughts and form a mindset of positivity and success.

  • About the Life Project - Who You'll Become

    You are going to change tremendously after your experience through the Life Project, if you stay and take all of the information we give you to heart. We tell you who we used to be before we learned all of this, and explain who we are now. The change is absolutely incredible. Say goodbye to the o...

  • How To Form Good Habits

    Forming good habits will change your life for the better, FOREVER. Never again will you have the issue of giving up on something too early... you will learn how to make it a habit. Once we learned how to form good habits, our lives became so much better. This video teaches you how to form these i...

  • Importance of Taking Action

    We will go into depth, with personal stories, on the importance of taking action. If you want the most out of this project, or you want to change your life, you can't do it by just sitting there.