Friends and MORE than Friends

Friends and MORE than Friends

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Friends and MORE than Friends
  • How To Make Friends: Where To Start

    Ever had the thought, "How do I make friends?" It may seem tricky right now, but in this video we talk about how humans think and use that knowledge to teach you how easy making friends actually is!

  • How to Have a Conversation

    The biggest struggle when we first started talking to people outside our friend group was always, "What should I talk about?" So in this podcast we talk about how to start a conversation with anyone!

  • How to Make People Like You

    In this video, we teach you 5 ways to make people like you. Yes, it really is that easy. Once you apply these simple changes to your daily life, you will find it 10x easier to make friends.

  • Making TRUE Friends | Be Polarizing

    By now you have realized that not everyone is going to like you, no matter how hard you try. But even then, why would you WANT to please everyone..? In this podcast, we talk about the importance of being polarizing in order to make true friendships.

  • How to Approach Your Crush

    The hardest part of our high school career was getting our crushes to know we existed. In this video, we show you an easy step-by-step process to approaching your crush or starting any sort of conversation.

  • Getting Over a Breakup

    Quit listening to those people who calculate how long it will take to get over someone... In this video, we tell you step by step how to make sure you get over your ex, and how to do it quickly.

  • Relationships: "Liking" Vs. "Loving"

    We have always been wondering, "What's the difference between 'liking' and 'loving' a significant other?" and how can you tell which one you are feeling? We dive into the question of love and how to know what you are feeling.