Learning Not to Give a Crap

Learning Not to Give a Crap

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Learning Not to Give a Crap
  • Do What Makes You Happy

    Most people are trapped by the opinions of others, letting their fears stop them from doing what they want. In this video, you'll learn how to do things for yourself that TRULY make you happy.

  • The "Do it For Yourself" Mindset

    You should always hold your opinions and priorities at the highest point in your mind, and this video will tell you exactly why. Since you've learned about confidence and arrogance already, this video will help you understand that doing things for yourself is not a bad thing to do. At all.

  • 10-10-10 Rule

    Wipe out 90% of your worries in life with one rule. This is simple. Most people are unable to think about their problems logically and that makes their problems seem 100x worse. Use the 10-10-10 rule to make your life happier and less stressful.

  • The Most Important Part of This Project w/ Special Guest

    Taking chances is the main theme of TLP. In this podcast, we do something we've never done before... and bring on a special guest to talk with us on the importance of this topic as well as share their personal stories.

  • The "Will This Kill Me" Mindset

    A basic mindset that you need to know in order to live a more relaxed, worry-free life. As soon as we started to apply this mindset to our lives, we started to take more chances, becoming the people we wanted to be. This video will teach you a big step of how to stop giving a crap about all situa...

  • How to Live An Interesting/Exciting Life

    We know that you wouldn't be on The Life Project if you didn't want to live an interesting life. So we decided to talk about how we went from countless hours of TV and videogames in our parents basement, to spicing things up...obviously you don't have to run around the country and go skydiving, b...