Managing Bullies and Other Toxic People

Managing Bullies and Other Toxic People

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Managing Bullies and Other Toxic People
  • How to Deal with Bullies

    Most everyone goes through bullying at one point in their lives, no matter who you are. I know we both have. This video tells you stories of how we dealt with bullying and the one FOOLPROOF mindset to conquer bullies. Watch this video to learn how to stop anyone from ever hurting you again.

  • Bullying: Dealing With Toxic Friends

    What happens if the bullies are in your friend group? How do you approach them without losing them as a friend or making the situation worse? In the video, we explain how you can deal with your "toxic friends" in a positive manner making your life a much happier place in general.

  • Solving Your Problems

    We always say how "Communication is key" .. This video is going to teach you WHY. There is no point in staying silent about a certain problem, you must speak up to find the answer.

  • Are Your Friends "Real"?

    Have you ever wondered whether or not the friends you have are true friends? Right after moving, we both struggled with finding the right friends who we could be comfortable around. This video dives right into that subject and teaches the core characteristics of a true friend, something that you ...

  • Winning People to Your Way of Thinking

    There is never a good time to argue, it will almost never end with a positive result. But everyone gets into arguments, so in this video we teach you secret methods to win people to your way of thinking.